Version 1.21.0 Jan 14, 2022
Added Compatibility to Medivia 4.70 AVAILABLE on 2022-01-14 15:23 PM GMT;

Version 1.20.7 Jan 2nd, 2022
Added Compatibility to Medivia 4.66 AVAILABLE on 2022-01-02 16:28 PM GMT;

Version 1.20.6 Dec 31, 2021
Added Compatibility to Medivia 4.65 AVAILABLE on 2021-12-31 15:17 PM GMT;

Version 1.20.5 Dec 31, 2021
Added Compatibility to Medivia 4.64 AVAILABLE on 2021-12-31 02:25 AM GMT;

Version 1.20.4 Dec 29, 2021
Added Compatibility to Medivia 4.63 AVAILABLE on 2021-12-29 20:36 PM GMT;

Version 1.20.3 Dec 29, 2021
Added Compatibility to Medivia 4.62 AVAILABLE on 2021-12-29 14:26 PM GMT;

Version 1.20.2 Dec 24, 2021
Added Compatibility to Medivia 4.61 AVAILABLE on 2021-12-24 13:54 PM GMT;

Version 1.20.1 Dec 24, 2021
Fixed some bugs due to update like not recognizing some items;

Version 1.20.0 Dec 23, 2021
Added Compatibility to Medivia 4.60 AVAILABLE on 2021-12-23 13:52 PM GMT;

Version 1.19.3 Nov 22, 2021
Added Compatibility to Medivia 4.53 AVAILABLE on 2021-11-22 13:10 PM GMT;

Version 1.19.2 Nov 21, 2021
Added Compatibility to Medivia 4.52 AVAILABLE on 2021-11-21 16:11 PM GMT;

Version 1.19.1 Nov 20, 2021
Added Compatibility to Medivia 4.51 AVAILABLE on 2021-11-20 15:51 PM GMT;

Version 1.19.0 Nov 17, 2021
Added Compatibility to Medivia 4.50 AVAILABLE on 2021-11-17 15:19 PM GMT;

Version 1.18.0 Oct 20, 2021
Added Compatibility to Medivia 4.40 AVAILABLE on 2021-10-20 12:42 PM GMT;

Version 1.17.25 Sept 30, 2021
Added Compatibility to Medivia 4.34 AVAILABLE on 2021-09-30 15:03 PM GMT;

Fixed LUA->file.clear();

Version 1.17.24 Sept 5, 2021
Added Compatibility to Medivia 4.33 AVAILABLE on 2021-09-05 15:35 PM GMT;

Version 1.17.23 Aug 29, 2021
Added Compatibility to Medivia 4.33 AVAILABLE on 2021-08-29 16:58 PM GMT;

Added Shop runes;

Fixed Targeting->(Creature)->(Setting)->Spell;

Improved Improved Inputs;

Version 1.17.22 July 29, 2021
Added Compatibility to Medivia 4.32 AVAILABLE on 2021-07-29 16:10 PM GMT;

Version 1.17.21 July 15, 2021
Added Compatibility to Medivia 4.31 AVAILABLE on 2021-05-15 15:51 PM GMT;

Version 1.17.20 July 7, 2021
Added Compatibility to Medivia 4.30 AVAILABLE on 2021-05-07 15:42 PM GMT;

Added LUA->gettileseffects();

Added LUA->gettileeffects();

Added LUA->closecontextwindows();

Fixed LUA->random();

Fixed Targeting->(Creature)->Don't loot;

Fixed Looter;

Fixed minor bugs;

Fixed minor bugs;

Version 1.17.19 May 3, 2021
Added Runemaker->Make runes on random time;

Added Runemaker->Extra condition;

Added LUA->runemaker_isoncustomdanger();

Added LUA->runemaker_getcustomdangerconditions();

Added LUA->runemaker_getcustomdangercondition();

Added LUA->runemaker_setcustomdangercondition();

Added LUA->runemaker_hascustomdangercondition();

Added LUA->runemaker_clearcustomdangerconditions();

Fixed minor bugs;

Version 1.17.18 April 28, 2021
Improved Telegram Bot feature [BETA];

Fixed minor bugs;

Version 1.17.17 April 27, 2021
Added Compatibility to Medivia 4.20 AVAILABLE on 2021-04-27 17:48 PM GMT;

Added LUA->getnewtlmessages();

Improved Telegram Bot feature [BETA];

Version 1.17.16 April 26, 2021
Added Compatibility to Medivia 4.20 AVAILABLE on 2021-04-26 16:03 PM GMT;

Added Telegram Bot feature [BETA];

Added Alerts->Settings->Log on Telegram;

Added LUA->tlmessage();

Version 1.17.15 Feb 4, 2021
Added Compatibility to Medivia 4.19 AVAILABLE on 2021-02-04 19:09 PM GMT;

Version 1.17.14 Feb 1st, 2021
Added Compatibility to Medivia 4.19 AVAILABLE on 2021-02-01 18:47 PM GMT;

Version 1.17.13 January 28, 2021
Added Compatibility to Medivia 4.18 AVAILABLE on 2021-01-28 20:50 PM GMT;

Version 1.17.12 January 18, 2021
Added Compatibility to Medivia 4.18 AVAILABLE on 2021-01-18 19:06 PM GMT;

Added Runemaker->Mana Extra Condition;

Fixed other minor bugs;

Version 1.17.11 December 27, 2020
Added Compatibility to Medivia 4.17 AVAILABLE on 2020-12-27 17:20 PM GMT;

Fixed Runemaker->Hand->Both;

Fixed other minor bugs;

Improved Cavebot->Node Range;

Version 1.17.10 November 9, 2020
Added Compatibility to Medivia 4.16 AVAILABLE on 2020-11-09 13:02 PM GMT;

Added Runemaker->Refill Settings->Attar par after refill;

Added Runemaker->Refill Settings->Attar par on walk back;

Fixed Runemaker->Hand->Both;

Fixed Targeting->(Creatures)->Open bag;

Fixed other minor bugs;

Improved Hotkeys->Use item on targe / self;

Version 1.17.9 October 12, 2020
Added Compatibility to Medivia 4.15 AVAILABLE on 2020-10-12 08:31 AM GMT;

Fixed Runemaker->Rune;

Fixed Runemaker->Mana Condition;

Fixed Tools->Trainer;

Fixed other minor bugs;

Version 1.17.8 September 28, 2020
Added Compatibility to Medivia 4.1.4 AVAILABLE on 2020-09-28 15:57 GMT;

Fixed Runemaker->Refill Settings->Use Blanks BPs;

Fixed other minor bugs;

Version 1.17.7 September 27, 2020
Added few missing monsters to Targeting;

Added few missing item names;

Added Runemaker->Refill Settings->Use Blanks BPs;

Added Cavebot->Unwalkable Ids;

Fixed Alerts->Player on Screen;

Fixed Tools->Creature Trainer;

Fixed minor bugs;

Improved LUA->usedoor();

Version 1.17.6 September 14, 2020
Added Compatibility to Medivia 4.13 AVAILABLE on 2020-09-14 14:27 GMT;

Added Targeting->(Creature)->Open bags; Let you choose if you wanna open bags or not for this specific creature;

Fixed minor bugs;

Version 1.17.5 August 20, 2020
Added Compatibility to Medivia 4.1.2 AVAILABLE on 2020-08-20 18:04 GMT;

Version 1.17.4 August 14, 2020
Added Compatibility to Medivia 4.1.1 AVAILABLE on 2020-08-14 14:27 GMT;

Added HUDs->Show killed & looted counts;

Added LUA->getkilledscount();

Added LUA->getlootedscount();

Added LUA->stamina variable;

Fixed Targeting->Count killed creatures;

Fixed Looter->Count looted creatures;

Fixed Cavebot->Not walking on some fields;

Version 1.17.3 August 8, 2020
Added Compatibility to Medivia 4.1.0 AVAILABLE on 2020-08-08 17:43 GMT;

Added Targeting->Count killed creatures;

Added Looter->Count looted creatures;

Added LUA->killedcount(string creature);

Added LUA->setkilledcount(string creature, number count);

Added LUA->lootedcount(string creature);

Added LUA->setlootedcount(string creature, number count);

Fixed a bug related to containers;

Fixed Targeting->Attack next while looting;

Fixed Cavebot->Pick waypoints;

Version 1.17.2 August 6, 2020
Added Compatibility to Medivia 4.1.0 AVAILABLE on 2020-08-06 19:40 GMT;

Fixed Tools->Pickup Items;

Improved Runemaker;

Version 1.17.1 August 3, 2020
Added Compatibility to Medivia 4.1.0 AVAILABLE on 2020-08-03 19:48 GMT;

Added Options->Soft Full Light;

Fixed Targeting;

Fixed Targeting->Skin;

Fixed Options->Level Spy;

Version 1.17.0 August 2nd, 2020
Added Compatibility to Medivia 4.1.0 AVAILABLE on 2020-08-02 20:26 GMT;

Version 1.16.0 Dec 11, 2019
Added Compatibility to Medivia 3.0.0;

Added Targeting->Creature->Category;

Improved Options->Eat Food;

Version 1.15.1 Sept 23, 2019
Added Compatibility to Medivia 2.9.3;

Fixed Cavebot;

Improved Tools->Auto Fishing;

Version 1.15.0 Sept 23, 2019
Added Compatibility to Medivia 2.9.2;

Version 1.14.0 Aug 31, 2019
Added Compatibility to Medivia 2.9.1;

Version 1.13.0 July 12, 2019
Added Compatibility to Medivia 2.8.0;

Version 1.12.0 Jun 11, 2019
Added Compatibility to Medivia 2.7.0;

Version 1.11.1 May 25, 2019
Fixed Targeting;

Version 1.11.0 May 23, 2019
Added Compatibility to Medivia 2.6.0;

Version 1.10.6 March 13, 2019
Added Compatibility to Medivia 2.5.1;

Version 1.10.5 March 12, 2019
Added Compatibility to Medivia 2.5.0;

Version 1.10.4 February 18, 2019
Added Tools-Auto Fishing->Fishing Rod;

Improved Cavebot;

Version 1.10.3 December 11, 2018
Added Compatibility to Medivia 2.4.0;

Added Cavebot->Range X & Y;

Added Tools->Mana Trainer->Min & Max;

Added Anti-Idler;

Added other features;

Version 1.10.2 November 22, 2018
Added Compatibility to Medivia 2.3.9;

Version 1.10.1 November 16, 2018
Added Compatibility to Medivia 2.3.8;

Version 1.10.0 November 15, 2018
Added Compatibility to Medivia 2.3.7;

Version 1.9.0 October 19, 2018
Added Compatibility to Medivia 2.3.6;

Version 1.8.2 October 05, 2018
Added Compatibility to Medivia 2.3.5 (emergency fix);

Version 1.8.1 September 26, 2018
Fixed Login;

Fixed LUA->dropitems();

Version 1.8.0 September 19, 2018
Added Compatibility to Medivia 2.3.5;

Added LUA->speech();

Added LUA->speechstate();

Added LUA->stopspeech();

Fixed "Closed client warning";

Version 1.7.3 July 20, 2018
Added Compatibility to Medivia 2.3.4;

Version 1.7.2 July 18, 2018
Added LUA closetaskwindow();

Added LUA closetextwindow();

Added Cavebot->Fire Avoidance, Poison Avoidance, Energy Avoidance;

Improved Tools->Pickup Items->Move speed;

Improved Tools->Ring Equipper;

Improved Targeting;

Fixed Targeting;

Fixed LUA higherwindows();

Fixed LUA restorewindows();

Fixed Tools->Outfit Changer not being loaded correctly;

Fixed Alerts->Safe List not updating when empty;

Version 1.7.1 June 03, 2018
Added Tools->Pickup Items->Move speed;

Fixed Full light; Not fully working;

Fixed Targeting;

Fixed Alerts->Private Message;

Version 1.7.0 June 03, 2018
Added Compatibility to Medivia 2.3.3;

Added LUA skin();

Fixed Targeting;

Fixed Persistents;

Fixed Healer;

Version 1.6.3 April 30, 2018
Added Compatibility to Medivia 2.3.2;

Improved Alerts->"Selected Chat Msg" and "Private Message";

Version 1.6.2 April 16, 2018
Fixed Targeting;

Version 1.6.1 April 13, 2018
Added Compatibility to Medivia 2.3.1;

Added "frozen ham" as food;

Added Targeting->Stance->Lure and Approach;

Added Targeting->Stance->Lure and Reach;

Added Targeting->Stance->Lure and Keep Away Wait;

Added Tools->Outfit Changer;

Added Alerts->GM Detected->Teleport range value;

Added Tools->Trade Helper->Yell and Select previous channel options;

Added LUA setcreatureoutfit();

Improved Tools->Pickup Items;

Improved Targeting->Stance->Circle;

Improved Targeting->Stance->Keep Away;

Fixed LUA followcreature();

Fixed Hotkeys;

Fixed Tools->Auto Manashielded, Tools->Auto Invisible and Tools->Auto Haste;

Fixed Cavebot->Use;

Fixed Runemaker->Refill;

Fixed Cavebot;

Fixed some other minor bugs;

Version 1.6.0 March 05, 2018
Added Compatibility to Medivia 2.3.0;

Added HUDs;

Added LUA->HUD functions;

Added LUA opensomething();

Added LUA usedoor();

Added LUA iscreatureontile();

Added LUA pausetargetingspell();

Added LUA ishealing();

Added LUA itemscount();

Added LUA moveitemsslot();

Added LUA inviteparty();

Added LUA isinvitedparty();

Added LUA isonparty();

Added Healer->Extra Conditions;

Improved LUA setlooting();

Improved Tools->Auto Manashielded, Tools->Auto Invisible and Tools->Auto Haste;

Improved Pathfinder;

Improved Looter;

Improved Targeting;

Improved Targeting->Play Alarm;

Improved Runemaker->Mana Value;

Improved Dancer key;

Fixed Targeting->Mode->Attack only that attack me;

Fixed Map-click walking;

Fixed LUA getnewmessages();

Fixed Healer->Open next BP for more runes;

Version 1.5.9 December 15, 2017
Improved Targeting;

Improved Alerts->Any on screen;

Improved Alerts->Settings->On Screen Multifloor;

Improved Cavebot->Steps->Direction;

Improved LUA editor;

Improved GUI Persistents;

Fixed LUA moveitems();

Fixed LUA itemcount();

Fixed LUA getnewmessages();

Fixed LUA moveitems();

Fixed LUA cursorinfo();

Fixed LUA setattackmode();

Fixed Cavebot->LUA Setup;

Fixed Runemaker->Refill Settings;

Fixed Targeting->Targeting Priority;

Fixed Targeting->Special Areas;

Fixed GUI->Persistents;

Fixed Options->HUD->Cursor Tile;

Fixed Targeting->Spam;

Fixed Healer->Life/Mana Fluid;

Added hotkeys to Settings->Load (CTRL+L) and Settings->Save (CTRL+S);

Added Options->Set Client title->Pause status;

Added LUA paroundfloor();

Added LUA maroundfloor();

Added LUA paroundignore();

Added LUA maroundignore();

Added Cavebot->Settings->Unreachable Skip;

Added Targeting->Settings->Attack Range;

Version 1.5.8 November 14, 2017
Improved Pathfinder;

Improved Targeting->Stance->Circle;

Improved LUA void setglobal;

Improved Alerts->Select Chat Msg;

Improved Walks by Mapclicks;

Improved Walks by Arrow-keys;

Improved Looter;

Improved Edit List form (used on Walkable Ids, Items on Screen, Drop waypoint, etc.);

Improved "Reconnect->Wait time to Reconnect" and "Runemaker->Refill Settings->Wait time to Walk Back";

Improved Cavebot->"Rope", "Shovel" and "Pick" waypoints;

Fixed Looter;

Fixed Runemaker->Rune->Paralyze;

Fixed cast();

Fixed Cavebot->Walkable Ids;

Added HUD->MWall timers;

Added Targeting->Creatre->Skin Creature;

Added Cavebot->LUA Setup;

Added "Copy Path" context menu;

Added Tools->Auto Minning;

Version 1.5.7 October 3rd, 2017
Improved Healer;

Improved Looter;

Improved Targeting->Keep Away;

Fixed Looter;

Fixed Targeting->Play Alarm;

Fixed Targeting->Spells;

Fixed Targeting->Settings;

Fixed Tools->Auto Fishing;

Fixed LUA->connect();

Fixed other minor bugs;

Added Targeting->Only if trapped;

Added Targeting->Stance->Lure and Keep Away;

Added Targeting->Stance->Lure and Circle;

Added LUA void esckey();

Added LUA number mediviapid();

Added LUA boolean isfollowing();

Added LUA boolean istargeting();

Added LUA boolean hastarget();

Added LUA boolean isposonscreen();

Added LUA table getmovecontainer();

Added LUA boolean changegold();

Added LUA getsettings();

Added Hotkeys->Type->"Move item on mouse pos.";

Version 1.5.6 September 11, 2017
Improved Persistents->GUI;

Improved Tools->Ring Equipper;

Improved Targeting->Special Areas;

Fixed Healer;

Fixed setsettings;

Fixed Targeting->Counting;

Fixed Targeting->Special Areas;

Added Targeting->Creaures->Edit Creature->Settings->Spam Min and Max;

Added Targeting->Creaures->Edit Creature->Play Alarm;

Added LUA bool shootexplosion();

Added LUA void shutdown();

Added LUA void forceshutdown();

Added LUA table cursorinfo();

Added LUA table moveitemspos();

Added LUA table useitemonpos();

Added Hotkeys->Type->"Use item on mouse pos.";

Version 1.5.5 August 3, 2017
Fixed Targeting->Creature->"Spell";

Fixed other minor things;

Improved Looter;

Improved Healer;

Added 'help button' (?) on 'Tools->Pickup Spears';

Added Lua->number lootbodies();

Added Lua->void setsettings();

Added Lua->void setglobal();

Added Lua->void messagebox();

Added Lua->void Lua->void writetextwindow;

Added Lua->string gettextwindow();

Added Lua->number runningtime();

Added Lua->number startedtime();

Added Options->HUD->Special Areas;

Added Special Areas for Targeting;

Added Looter->Style: After all dead or After melee kill;

Added Alerts->VIP Online;

Version 1.5.4 July 1st, 2017
Improved Healer;

Improved Targeting->Creature->"Rune" changed to "Spell": You can now select runes and spells;

Added Targeting->Creature->Stance->Strike: It will reach and stay in front of the monster. So you can combo with Spell;

Added Targeting->Creature->Stance->Lure: It will lure the monster to the last LURE waypoint ran in cavebot;

Added Targeting->Creature->Atk Mode->Stand;

Added Options->X-Ray;

Added Options->Show/Hide Key;

Added Alert->Settings->Log on File;

Added Alert->Settings->Log on Console;

Added Lua->BOOL shootarearune(string Rune, int MinAmount, ... Monsters);

Added Lua->NUMBER maroundshootable(int Range, ... Monsters);

Added Lua->NUMBER maroundreachable(int Range, ... Monsters);

Added Lua->Table(Tile) getlurelocation();

Added Lua->Void setlurelocation();

Version 1.5.3 May 25, 2017
Fixed Looter;

Fixed Targeting;

Fixed Cavebot->New Cavebot Mode->Rope;

Fixed Cavebot->Old Cavebot Mode->Shovel;

Fixed LUA->DropItems function;

Fixed Options->Outfits->Both addons;

Added Options->Level Spy

Added Alerts->Item on Screen;

Improved Cavebot;

Improved Looter;

Improved Lua;

Improved Runemaker;

Improved Cavebot->Walkable Ids;

Version 1.5.2 May 12, 2017
Fixed Looter;

Fixed Cavebot.

Added Cavebot->Old Cavebot System

Added Targeting->Old Targeting System;

Added Options->HUD->Waypoints;

Improved Cavebot;

Improved Targeting;

Version 1.5.1 May 11, 2017
Fixed Looter not looting correctly in some cases.

Improved Targeting;

Fixed Auto Invisible.

Fixed Cavebot.

Improved Alerts->GM Detected; Now it also detects when a GM sends a message on your current selected channel;

Version 1.5.0 May 10, 2017
Improved Targeting;

Improved Cavebot;

Improved Runemaker;

Improved Alerts;

Full changelog on release thread.

Version 1.4.7 March 30, 2017
Improved Targeting;

Improved Cavebot;

Fixed Pause Bot;

Version 1.4.6 March 28, 2017
Improved Targeting;

Improved Cavebot;

Improved Looter;

Improved LUA library;

Improved Alert->New Message;

Improved Soft Pause;

Fixed Runemaker;

Fixed Cavebot minimizing client;

Added LUA functions: connect, reconnect, getlastprivatemessage;

Version 1.4.5 February 24, 2017
Improved Alerts->Select Chat message;

Fixed Different DPI bug;

Version 1.4.4 February 20, 2017
Improved Targeting;

Added Targeting->Rune Range;

Added Alert->Select Chat Message;

Added LUA Functions;

Version 1.4.3 February 16, 2017
Improved Targeting->TargetingMode->Attack if no player;

Added Soft Pause;

Added LUA Functions;

Version 1.4.2 February 13, 2017
Added Targeting->TargetingMode;

Added Persistents scripts;

Improved Targeting;

Fixed Skin Monsters;

Fixed Private Message alert;

Version 1.4.1 February 06, 2017
Improved Targeting and everything that needed creatures check (like alerts, etc.);

Improved Runemaker;

Improved GetCreatures LUA function; Now it also retrieves creatures from different floors;

Added Looter->(Edit Item)->Drop if no cap;

Version 1.4.0 February 05, 2017
Added Compatibility to Medivia 2.1.0;

Version 1.3.4 February 03, 2017
Added Runemaker->No blanks->Open next backpack;

Added Don't open bags;

Fixed Options->Pause Key;

Fixed Targeting->Skin Monster;

Fixed Healer->Find more runes;

Fixed Targeting->Find more runes;

Fixed Runemaker->No blanks->Enable Cavebot;

Version 1.3.3 February 02, 2017
Added Options->Pause Key;

Added Targeting->Skin Monster;

Added Healer->Find more runes;

Added Targeting->Find more runes;

Fixed Healer;

Fixed Looter;

Improved Targeting;

Improved Runemaker;

Improved Alerts->(ALERT)->Enable Cavebot;

Version 1.3.2 January 27, 2017
Fixed Healer;

Fixed Login glitch;

Version 1.3.1 January 27, 2017
Fixed Healer;

Version 1.3.0 January 26, 2017
Added Medivia_D3D compatibility;

Added Targeting->(Creature)->Rune;

Added Alerts->Enable Cavebot;

Added Battle Window->Filters check and Options->Game->Classic Control check;

Improved Tools->Runemaker->No blanks->Enable Cavebot;

Improved Find Client;

Improved Targeting;

Improved Looter;

Improved Cavebot;

Improved Healer;

Version 1.2.1 January 15, 2017
Improved Targeting;

Added Cavebot->Pick;

Added Tools->Runemaker->No blanks->Enable Cavebot; This will enable and run from your first waypoint;

Improved Find Client;

Version 1.2.0 January 14, 2017
Improved Looting;

Added Tools->Ring Equipper;

Added Alerts->PK on Screen;

Improved Hotkeys;

Added Hotkeys->Anti-Push;

Improved Find Client;

Added Options->Take SS on XLog;

Version 1.1.11 January 11, 2017
Fixed Spell Caster;

Improved Looting;

Added Tools->Trade-Helper; Trade/Trade-Rookgaard must be open;

Version 1.1.10 January 10, 2017
Fixed Full Light;

Added Launcher;

Version 1.1.9 January 10, 2017
Added compatibility with Medivia 2.0.1;

Improved "Targeting";

Improved "Cavebot";

Added Options->Hide Character Name; This will hide your character name from PRO Bot's title;

Version 1.1.8 January 03, 2017
Improved "Targeting"; You can set Fighting Mode and also improved how it works, i hope it fixes for everybody;

Improved "Cavebot"; Now it will try to move items FROM rope and shovel spots;

Updated "LUA"; Added settools(string ToolName, string Enabled) (settools("fishing", "on")) and Adjusted some functions;

Version 1.1.7 December 30, 2016
Improved "Tools -> Fishing"; It should consume less CPU, but also you can try to use "Min. Capacity" that will to reduce CPU % even more;

Improved "Tools -> Runemaker"; It should consume less CPU;

Improved "Tools -> Heal Friend"; Now you should use add every creature in a list and also added an option to heal party members;

Improved "Targeting"; Added couple changes in target that will consume less CPU and work faster;

Improved "Targeting"; It should consume less CPU and a try to fix a rare bug with ranged creatures;

Improved "Looter"; It should consume less CPU;

Added "Looter -> Loot only targets"; This option make loots only creatures that have been killed by Targeting, this means that if you open a monster it will be ignored. Using this option will reduce CPU % even more;

Improved "Cavebot"; It should consume less CPU;

Improved "Cavebot";

Improved "LUA"; You can use gotolabel(string labelName);

Version 1.1.6 December 26, 2016
Fixed "Tools -> Pick Items"; Not picking items in some cases;

Updated "Foods"; Added some new foods;

Updated "Weapons"; Added some new weapons;

Improved "Targeting"; Added couple changes in target that will consume less CPU and work faster;

Fixed "Alert->Private Message"; Being fired even with player in safe list;

Fixed "EatFood" / "Anti-Idle"; Not being saved/loaded correctly;

Version 1.1.5 December 23, 2016
Fixed "Anti-Idler";

Improved "Targeting";

Version 1.1.4 December 22, 2016
Fixed "Cavebot"; Some changes when you standing in rope spot and wanna use rope on it and a fix in some rare cases that you character stuck;

Improved "Runemaker"; Improved how it moves hand items before making runes and move them back;

Improved "Lua"; Improved some functions;

Version 1.1.3 December 20, 2016
Fixed "Attack only that attack me;

Updated "Fishing Tool"; Now you can select between what PRO Bot should consider Max Amount (fishes) or Min. Capacity;";

Fixed "Lua"; Some varibles returning wrong values;

Version 1.1.2 December 19, 2016
Fixed "Private Message";

Fixed "Status Message";

Fixed "Inventory" not being found in Extra Panel;

Added option to select color that will be display in HUD -> Invetory;

Version 1.1.1 December 18, 2016
Fixed "Fishing Tool";

Version 1.1.0 December 18, 2016
Added compatibility with Medivia 2.0;

Updated Healer; Added mana fluid and life fluid;

Updated Lua; Added variable "pzone" and "hungry";

Fixed "Move Items" in Groound; It was not working when you tried to move items between ground locations;

Version 1.0.8 December 16, 2016
Fixed Healer; Another adjustment, now it should works for everyone or most people;

Fixed Lua; Some functions not returning correct values;

Fixed Waypoint-Drop; Not dropping stackable things;

Fixed minor things;

Version 1.0.7 December 14, 2016
Fixed Healer; A bug that happens when the player uses UH and have a "big" size monitor;

Version 1.0.6 December 14, 2016
Fixed GM Alert not loading correctly;

Version 1.0.5 December 14, 2016
Fixed "Healer" missing UH in some rare cases (some users still reported this error);

Fixed some variables/functions in LUA;

Added new alert StandTime above; It will be invoked if your character is standstill in same position for more than X seconds.

Version 1.0.4 December 13, 2016
Fixed Fixed "Fishing";

Fixed Mana Trainer;

Version 1.0.3 December 13, 2016
Fixed "Healer"; Small bug when using Friend Healing to self.

Fixed Mana Trainer; Casting spellname instead of spellwords.

Fixed Alert Cap; Not working correctly.

Version 1.0.2 December 12, 2016
Fixed "Healer"; Not using UHs in some cases.

Fixed looter; Moving wrong items when players are laggy.

Fixed LUA; Some variables not returning correct values and broken functions.

Added Tools->Heal Friend.

Added Alerts->Cap; It will play a sound when caps run out of defined value.

Version 1.0.1 December 07, 2016
Updated "Healer"; Grid to show disabled rules with a red color.

Fixed looter; Bugging in some rare cases.

Improved looter; Looting faster.

Fixed targeting bug; Related to "Attack only that attack me".

Improved targeting; Works better with looter system.

Updated Fishing Tool"; "Max amount" set "0" means unlimited fishs.

Improved Anti-Idler; Now it turns to random directions and back to original.

Added Dancer (Options->Dancer).

Version 1.0.0 November 17, 2016
Released first PRO Bot version.